Airport Transfers & Car Hire

Airport Transfers:  We can organize airport transfers, either 'direct' or 'split'.  When it's a 'direct' transfer, the driver of the taxi or minibus will pick you up from the airport and will accompany you straight to your accommodation,  without the need to put down your luggage when embarking the ferry.

'Split' transfer, the driver of the taxi or minibus will pick you up from the airport to ferry port, put down the luggage, embark the ferry, and another taxi/minibus driver will pick you from Gozo ferry terminal and straight to your accommodation.

Our driver will be waiting for you on your arrival showing your name.

This is a 24 hour service and there is no extra cost if you arrive late or early morning.  When you arrive late or early morning, we recommend that you use our airport transfers, instead of picking up a car from the airport.

Ferry tickets cost 4.65 euro per person including return, and 1.15 euro for children including return.

CAR HIRE:  We can arrange car hire picked up from the airport or delivered to your accommodation.  Our car suppliers are the leading car hire companies on Gozo, offering various types of cars, including jeeps and vans.  The car range includes air-conditioned or automatic, and with fully comprehensive insurance and free kilometers. Baby seats are also available.  We can also rent motorbikes and bicycles.

We can quote you prices for car, motorbikes and bicycle hire, delivered to house, or for car hire picked up from airport.

To get an instant online quote for car hire from the airport, click here.

Car hire delivered to house:
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Motorbikes & Bicycles

Airport transfers

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